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Welcome to Chickybaby1's upgraded Runepics!
Yes! Finally Runepics has evolved into a better site! So, take a look and enjoy Runepics like you've never seen before!!!

This site is especially made for everyones entertainment. For all the people who think this site is a scam... It isn't! It's just a site making runescape users have a fun time and share fun experiences (did I spell that right?) lol anyways... Have fun looking!

<.< You can find all the Runepics by clicking the links in the menu bar <.<

Thanks to all the people who come to Runepics often and support this site. Now that this site has improved, I'd like to ask ALL runescape site owners to give me their link so i could place it on this site! You can send your links to:
I appreciate all the support towards Runepics. Without it, Runepics would have been over with a LONG time ago!
Thanks again!

Chickybaby1's Runepics